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Now supporting Days for Girls!

We are thrilled to announce that we are adding Days for Girls to the roster of non-profits we are supporting during our 2019-202 fundraising campaign.

Our Mission: Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. Together, we’re creating a world with dignity, health, and opportunity for all. Our movement has reached more than one million girls.


2018 campaign a tremendous success!

After delivering all the raffle prizes from the final event and sending all proceeds to the nonprofits we support, we are officially marking a close to the 2018-2019 Quilt for Africa fundraising campaign. Winning raffle ticket details for the Quilt, Djembe, Hosho, Ukulele, and Mbira are posted in our blog.

During our Quilt for Africa 2018-2019 campaign we sold 756 raffle tickets at 5 fundraising events (an average of 151 raffle tickets sold per event) to generate a combined total of $3265 in total ticket sale proceeds.

Note: All these proceeds plus additional funds from donations and volunteer time corporate matching were given to the non-profits that we support: Tariro Hope, Ancient Ways, Portland-Mutare Sister City Association (PMSCA), Zimfest, and UNICEF. To learn more about these wonderful non-profits, visit our Who Benefits? page.

New Raffle Items Added for 2018

To increase interest and raffle ticket sales, we’ve decided to expand our raffle item list to include high quality musical instruments. The following four items will supplement our amazing quilt:

Update:  The first element we added was the Ukulele, and we showed it for the first time on July 28th the “Quilts on the Beach” festival at beautiful Cama Beach State Park. The addition of the Ukulele was significant. Conservatively, we estimate that it may have helped increase raffle ticket sales by 25%, though this is admittedly a guess.

Peter Hayes and Millie Hayes sell raffle tickets at Cama Beach State Park on July 28, 2018

The second event to showcase these elements was Zimfest 2018. With this event there can be no doubt that the addition of these elements had a profound effect.

Ukulele, Djembe, Mbira, and Frogs added to the raffle item list at Zimfest 2018.

Zimfest 2018 was our most successful fundraising event in our programs 3-year history.


2018 Fundraising Quilt Completed!

I am happy to share with you an image of the 2018 fundraising campaign quilt:

The amazing 2018 fundraising campaign quilt

You might notice that the 2018 quilt is not composed of the embroidered panels that we used in previous quilts. This beautiful work of art that you see above started as an unfinished quilt top that was donated by Jaiaen Beck. We put the unfinished top into the very capable hands of Pam Fredericksen and Susan Palmer, with the Cama Beach Quilters. Pam added outside panels and a complementary quilt back. Susan did some very special long-arm quilting. Finally a colorful binding was added to complete the work.

We love working with the Cama Beach Quilters because they are wonderful people, and they do astonishing work! Please visit us at our next fundraising event to see the new quilt up close – you will be amazed!