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Cama Beach Event a Big Success

On July 28, 2018. we showed our new quilt at the “Quilts on the Beach” festival at beautiful Cama Beach State Park. This is one of our favorite venues to attend and show the quilt.

Peter Hayes and Millie Hayes sell raffle tickets at Cama Beach State Park on July 28, 2018

It is not so often you see these three triplets in one photo:

Paul Hayes, Peg Hayes, and Peter Hayes at the Cama Beach Quilt Fair on July 28, 2018And finally, in case there was any doubt about whether or not the two Hayes brothers dig quilts, they even managed to show up in the local paper.

The caption in the photo on the page above says it all.

2017 Quilt Fundraiser in Langley

Our second quilt fundraiser in the 2017 campaign was held art the Langley Street Fair on August 11th.

Carol White with Paul Hayes at the Langley Street Fair on August 11. 2017

This event was fabulous because we got to watch marimba performances at the South Whidbey Commons. We want to thank the organizers of the Langley Street Fair for providing space for us, to Dana Moffett for so much help with getting approved to set up, and to the marimba groups. It was a beautiful day all around!

The amazing 2017 raffle quilt on display at the Langley Street Fair, August 11, 2017