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Fundraising at Zimfest 2019

Our second fundraising opportunity in the 2019-2020 fundraising campaign was the Zimbabwean Music Festival (Zimfest) at Western Oregon University in Monmouth Oregon on August 8-9-10-11, 2019.

Pater Hayes and Jaiaen Beck in the Quilt for Africa booth at Zimfest 2019

We were blessed with perfect weather and an amazing venue.

Pater Hayes and Jaiaen Beck examine hand-embroidered panels from Zimbabwe
in the Quilt for Africa booth at Zimfest 2019

Best of all, we sold a whopping 318 Raffle Tickets!

For a summary of the causes we support through fundraisers, please visit our Who Benefits page.

Zimfest 2018 an Amazing Success!

When we set up our Quilt for Africa booth at the Zimfest 2018 over the August 10-12 weekend, we were conservative about what we thought we could possibly achieve based on the relatively modest success we had at the previous Zimfest in August 2016.

The results from Zimfest 2018 exceeded all our expectations. By the end of the second day (Saturday), we had sold just under 200 tickets.

Not even sure we would set up the booth on Sunday, we decided to just set up the table and keep it open for a just few hours. Having a modest display set up for just 3 hours on Sunday we sold an additional 100+ tickets, to push our event total ticket sales over 300. This made Zimfest 2018 our most successful event in the history of our 3-year project!

At the Zimfest community meeting on Sunday, August 12th, we pulled the winning ticket for the Mbira. For more on selecting the winner of the MBIRA selected on Sunday at Zimfest, please see the related blog post: Mbira Winner Selected at Zimfest 2018.