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New Raffle Items Added for 2018

To increase interest and raffle ticket sales, we’ve decided to expand our raffle item list to include high quality musical instruments. The following four items will supplement our amazing quilt:

Update:  The first element we added was the Ukulele, and we showed it for the first time on July 28th the “Quilts on the Beach” festival at beautiful Cama Beach State Park. The addition of the Ukulele was significant. Conservatively, we estimate that it may have helped increase raffle ticket sales by 25%, though this is admittedly a guess.

Peter Hayes and Millie Hayes sell raffle tickets at Cama Beach State Park on July 28, 2018

The second event to showcase these elements was Zimfest 2018. With this event there can be no doubt that the addition of these elements had a profound effect.

Ukulele, Djembe, Mbira, and Frogs added to the raffle item list at Zimfest 2018.

Zimfest 2018 was our most successful fundraising event in our programs 3-year history.