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2018 Fundraising Quilt Completed!

I am happy to share with you an image of the 2018 fundraising campaign quilt:

The amazing 2018 fundraising campaign quilt

You might notice that the 2018 quilt is not composed of the embroidered panels that we used in previous quilts. This beautiful work of art that you see above started as an unfinished quilt top that was donated by Jaiaen Beck. We put the unfinished top into the very capable hands of Pam Fredericksen and Susan Palmer, with the Cama Beach Quilters. Pam added outside panels and a complementary quilt back. Susan did some very special long-arm quilting. Finally a colorful binding was added to complete the work.

We love working with the Cama Beach Quilters because they are wonderful people, and they do astonishing work! Please visit us at our next fundraising event to see the new quilt up close – you will be amazed!

2017 Project Quilt is Ready!

We want to share the news that the wonderful ladies who make our quilts, the Cama Beach Quilters, have let us know that they have completed our new quilt for the 2017 Quilt for Africa project. The front of the 2017 quilt follows design queues from the 2016 quilt.

The amazing ladies with the Cama Beach Quilters have completed the 2017 fundraising campaign quilt.

This year’s quilt features embroidered panels showing village scenes in the inside columns, with scenes showing wildlife in the outside columns. It is just amazing! Photos cannot do justice to this work of art!

2017 Quilt for Africa – Front

We want to encourage you to come out to one of our events this summer to see the quilt in person.

Paul Hayes