The Quilts

2019 Quilt

The wonderful quilters at Cama Beach have completed the new quilt for our 2019-2020 campaign in July of 2019.  The new quilt is stunning!

2018 Quilt

We received the completed quilt for our 2018 campaign in June of 2018 – and we were thrilled! Learn more about the 2018 quilt on this page: 2018 Fundraising Quilt Completed.

Quilt for the 2018 fundraising campaign

2017 Quilt

Shown below is our quilt for the 2017 fundraising campaign – the second year of our project. Learn more about the 2017 quilt on this page: 2017 Project Quilt Ready!

The amazing ladies with the Cama Beach Quilters have completed the 2017 fundraising campaign quilt.

2016 Quilt

The Cama Beach Quilters began work on our first quilt in early 2016, and completed the work in May of 2016. We showed the 2016 quilt at 8 venues.

Simba (Tariro) with quilt at Holiday Fair in Portland – December 2016