Who Benefits?

There are many wonderful non-profit organizations producing amazing results in ways that we greatly admire. Rather than duplicate these efforts with a new startup, we believe it will be more productive for us to simply support the ongoing work of a few of these organizations directly. This approach also gives us some flexibility to focus support funding in different ways from year-to-year.

Proceeds from our work this year are being sent to organizations providing vital support in Africa and South America. Those who benefit most are children and women. Much of our work supports children in developing regions through scholarships, but we also support vital relief efforts to mitigate the effects of famine and severe poverty.

Each organization that we support has a unique mission. Here are mission statements from the organizations we are supporting this year:

Ancient Ways: Helping indigenous people, in Zimbabwe, and around the world

Our Mission: Ancient Ways preserves indigenous people’s ancient life-giving traditions through collaborative and sustainable practices, including health and well-being services, academic, arts, and public health education, and building huts, fuel-efficient stoves, toilets, and wells. Ancient Ways currently works in the US, Peru, and Zimbabwe. Our Vision: Ancient Ways envisions a future where people celebrate ancient knowledge and cultures, and uplift each other through mutual learning, respect and empowerment.

More Information: http://www.ancient-ways.org/ | Annual Reports

Tariro – Hope and health for Zimbabwe’s orphans

Our Mission: To educate and empower young women and girls in Zimbabwean communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Our vision: Tariro sees education is a basic human right, which should be available to all children regardless of socio-economic status. By working with young women and girls in communities affected by HIV/AIDS, Tariro seeks to meet the challenge of ensuring that even the most vulnerable Zimbabwean children have access to education.

More Information: http://tariro.org/ | Tariro Annual Reports

Days for Girls – For every girl. Everywhere. Period.

Our Mission: Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. Together, we’re creating a world with dignity, health, and opportunity for all. Our movement has reached more than one million girls.

More Information: https://www.daysforgirls.org

Portland Mutare Sister-City Association (PMSCA)

Our Mission: Working to promote good will and the exchange of ideas, goods, culture and friendship between the people of Portland, Oregon and Mutare, Zimbabwe. We strive to learn from our differences, celebrate our similarities and nurture our interconnectedness. Since 1991, citizens from Portland and Mutare have made trips back and forth, learning from and working with each other.

Results: Our group has sent computers, partially covered teacher salaries, mailed 1200 eyeglasses, built a clinic, funded 2 ambulances, helped fund a car for rural hospice health outreach, funded a mother’s shelter, clothing, textbooks, toys, school supplies, generators, musical instruments, sports uniforms, phones, heaters, radios, school fees, plus so much more. Recently, we agreed to fund bed pans and wheelchairs for hospice patients and funding for materials that deaf students will use to make and sell feminine products.

More Information: http://portlandmutare.org/ | PMSCA on Facebook

Matanho Project – dedicated to improving the lives of Zimbabwean musicians and their communities.

Our Mission: Supporting cultural and music exchange to assist Zimbabwean musicians and their families generate income through self sustaining musical, cultural arts and micro-loan projects.

UNICEF – For every child, a fair chance

Our Mission: For 70 years, across 190 countries and territories, UNICEF defends the rights of every child. This work includes child protection and inclusion, child survival, education, relief work during emergencies, supply and logistics, research and analysis, and innovation for children.

More Information: https://www.unicef.org/.

Zimfest Association – Promoting the celebration of Zimbabwean music and culture

Our Mission: The Zimfest Association mission is to produce North America’s premier annual festival of Zimbabwean music, bringing a global community together to celebrate Zimbabwe’s participatory musical traditions through high-quality workshops and performances.

To learn more about the work that Zimfest does, please visit http://zimfest.org.